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Front Closure Bra Lace Bras


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S 6XL Plus Size Front Closure Bra Lace Lingerie Wireless


  • Cups, back, shoulder strap extension: 75% nylon, 14% spandex, 11% rayon; lower cup, inner center waistband, side cup : nylon; inner back, center strap: 49% nylon, 35% polyester, 16% spandex

  • Lace everywhere – Unlike many lace bras, there is lace all around.

  • Cups are comfortable – softly lined, steel- cups for super comfortable support.

  • Beautiful low-cut design – Deep V front fits low neckline.

  • Fixed straps – The straps combine lace and stretchy ribbon for a secure fit.

Product Description:

S-6XL Plus Size Front Closure Bra For Women Lace Lingerie Wireless Ladies Bras

Material: Lace

Color: as the picture shows, (Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may have slight color difference.

Package weight: 60g

Package size: 32x25x1cm,(Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.

Size Lower bust (including clasp) Lower bust (excluding clasp) High side ratio Rear mid-length
S 67cm/26.38'' 59cm/23.23'' 11cm/4.33'' 19.3cm/7.60''
M 71cm/27.95'' 63cm/24.80'' 11.3cm/4.45'' 19.8cm/7.80''
L 75cm/29.53'' 67cm/26.38'' 11.6cm/4.57'' 20.3cm/7.99''
XL 79cm/31.10'' 71cm/27.95'' 11.9cm/4.69'' 20.8cm/8.19''
XXL 83cm/32.68'' 75cm/29.53'' 12.3cm/4.84'' 21.3cm/8.39''
XXXL 87cm/34.25'' 79cm/31.10'' 12.6cm/4.96'' 21.8cm/8.58''
XXXXL 91cm/35.83'' 83cm/32.68'' 12.9cm/5.08'' 22.2cm/8.74''
XXXXXL 95cm/37.40'' 87cm/34.25'' 13.2cm/5.20'' 22.5cm/8.86''
XXXXXXL 99cm/38.98'' 91cm/35.83'' 13.5cm/5.31'' 23cm/9.06''
Size:S Lower bust (including clasp):67cm/26.38'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):59cm/23.23'' High side ratio:11cm/4.33'' Rear mid-length:19.3cm/7.60''
Size:M Lower bust (including clasp):71cm/27.95'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):63cm/24.80'' High side ratio:11.3cm/4.45'' Rear mid-length:19.8cm/7.80''
Size:L Lower bust (including clasp):75cm/29.53'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):67cm/26.38'' High side ratio:11.6cm/4.57'' Rear mid-length:20.3cm/7.99''
Size:XL Lower bust (including clasp):79cm/31.10'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):71cm/27.95'' High side ratio:11.9cm/4.69'' Rear mid-length:20.8cm/8.19''
Size:XXL Lower bust (including clasp):83cm/32.68'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):75cm/29.53'' High side ratio:12.3cm/4.84'' Rear mid-length:21.3cm/8.39''
Size:XXXL Lower bust (including clasp):87cm/34.25'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):79cm/31.10'' High side ratio:12.6cm/4.96'' Rear mid-length:21.8cm/8.58''
Size:XXXXL Lower bust (including clasp):91cm/35.83'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):83cm/32.68'' High side ratio:12.9cm/5.08'' Rear mid-length:22.2cm/8.74''
Size:XXXXXL Lower bust (including clasp):95cm/37.40'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):87cm/34.25'' High side ratio:13.2cm/5.20'' Rear mid-length:22.5cm/8.86''
Size:XXXXXXL Lower bust (including clasp):99cm/38.98'' Lower bust (excluding clasp):91cm/35.83'' High side ratio:13.5cm/5.31'' Rear mid-length:23cm/9.06''

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